Oculus Touch not working

I have had my Rift for some time but just got the touch controllers from a coworker. Everything seems to be fine set up in the Oculus tool and Guardian setup allowed me to create a safe area (which I’ve since disabled, or at least I think I have). I’m new to Unreal but have been in development for many years so I’m kind of stuck as to where to look… I start up the VR sample and switch to the VirtualRealityBP/Maps/MotionControllerMap but the hands just stay on the ground.

Batteries seem to be fine. Everything works perfectly in Steam VR’s setup and tutorial rooms. I’m not sure if there are any Unreal games out there on the Oculus store that I might try but I’m not even clear on where to start looking for a solution to my problem.

I’ve uninstalled the Oculus runtime and reinstalled it, although all of my settings were still there when it reinstalled (but all downloads were gone, of course). I fired up ADR1FT from the Oculus store and it works great (of course it only uses the Windows controller, not Touch)… How might I diagnose this?

It turns out that it was a third party plugin that we are using on our project. For some reason, having the plugin enabled causes the Touch controllers to either not register properly in game or just interferes with polling for them. I haven’t had the opportunity to dig into why this is going on but if anyone else stumbles across this issue, try disabling plugins.