Oculus Touch hands moving with HMD ?


Just added Oculus Touch hands to my current VR project. I added them to a Character Class BP (thats the one with the collision capsule as the root). Sure enough they appear and move around ok, but the problem is as I turn the HMD the hands move with it rather then staying where my motion controllers are. I tested this on the Pawn class player BP and it works fine here. I can only presume its because the capsule from the Character BP controls the position of everything and the motion controllers have to be a child of it to be added to the BP…hope that makes sense.

So I am looking for a way to use the character BP with motion controllers. I have tried changing the rotation in the transform properties of the motion controller from ‘Relative’ to ‘world’ for absolute transformation, but no joy. Have also tried a few other options such as adding the motion controllers to a different BP and then spawning them to my character (like VR template does), but again…no joy.

I must be missing something obvious here?

Thanks for anybody in advance.