Oculus Touch Events

So I had a question that I’ve been trying to figure out on a recent project. I don’t yet have Oculus Touch hardware to test with but from sending copies of the game to Touch players I’ve found that most of the controls are working. But I am having a problem with the trigger buttons. I only see CapTouch events for them and this makes firing much too touchy. I was curious if any of the generic Motion Controller buttons fire when those particular triggers are pressed as opposed to being CapTouched (which fires as soon as someone’s hand is on the trigger without pulling).

I was wondering the same thing and set up my action mappings for the generic motion controller trigger and that worked on both the Vive and then Touch once it arrived. The VR Template appears to work seamlessly between the two as well. From what I can tell, the CapTouch values are generally for hand poses - if they’re touched the readout is a 1, not touched is a 0.

Also, this thread might help with the A,B,X,Y buttons.

Thanks for the replies.