Oculus Touch controller buttons working in UE4 but not in SteamVR

Hi all,

I’ve been forced to update my project to 4.21 since the previous versions started stuttering badly in VR (I have an Oculus Rift first-gen I think). Everything is great now except that I can’t detect the Touch controller facebuttons once the project is compiled and running in SteamVR. When I test it in UE4 before compiling the buttons work fine, but once it’s built and I test it in SteamVR, the X/Y and A/B buttons on the Touch controller no longer work. Everything else on the Touch controller seems to work though - the thumbstick, trigger and grip are working.

Has anyone else run into this issue yet?

I’m having this exact same problem and it’s been driving me crazy. Does anyone else have this issue?? Face buttons work perfectly fine when in VR Preview, but once I package and launch exe, Using Rift, it opens SteamVR, and launches experience, facebuttons don’t work… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s not an issue, it’s… new features:

Steam has evolved a lot and still is, they are refactoring their input system. There are new steps to take if you want to use anything on SteamVR.


I think I just figured it out. If I package for 64bit, it works! If I package for 32bit, it doesn’t work.