Oculus Touch 3d Model?

May have been asked previous but I couldn’t find with multiple forum searches. Anyone know where an accurate 3d model of Oculus Touch is located?

There are some on Turbosquid for $29 but wanted to check first if there are any out there for free.

There is a Touch model available in the engine itself, as part of the VR Editor. Change your view options to Show Engine Content and search for “Oculus” (it is called Oculus Controller Mesh). You should be able to export it to FBX if you want to make changes to it.

If you’re a Touch developer then you should also be able to get the official Touch model from Oculus developer relations. That’s how I originally obtained my model for my projects. No need to buy a 3rd party version.

  • Dave

Excellent. Thanks Dave. Didn’t think to look in there. Exactly what I needed.