Oculus Stereo Performance

Hey everyone,

just a short question: If I run my demo in “stereo off” mode, it’s around 200-220 fps.
When I run it with “stereo on” it’s around 65-70 fps.
The hmd screen percentage is at 120.

I run it on a DK2 using SDK 0.4.4 and UE 4.7.2

Just to check: Is this big difference normal?
I though around half fps would be normal.

Stereo off, you are at 100%, there is no upscaling, so basically, at 120% in stereo you are roughly at 240% of your normal rendering + there is effects that may cost more exponentially, not linearly. From my experience, this is kind of normal. There is also settings you may want to disable that will add huge perf boost. For example, there is settings if you have a Nvidia card that caused huge perf drops if let by default. Here is a post where I describe this : http://fatedblog.com/2015/03/18/unreal-reality-vr-in-unreal-engine-4/