Oculus SDK v0.3.1 Preview has been released!

Hi all, so here it is, the long awaited update to the Oculus Rift SDK (RELEASE NOTES):

What they say about it: “Oculus SDK 0.3.1 is a Windows-only preview release intended to give developers early access to the upcoming improvements and APIs. The API presented is subject to change, and some new features (most notably DK2 position tracking support) are not included in this version. Mac and Linux support has also been omitted from this release only.”

  • Introduced SDK Distortion Rendering mode in which the Oculus SDK takes care of distortion rendering and buffer swap.
  • Significantly improved distortion quality, adapting the distortion function based on user configured eye relief.
  • Introduced the Timewarp rendering technique, used to reduce latency through reprojection.
  • Introduced explicit support for frame timing in the SDK, which enables more accurate sensor prediction. Frame timing is tied to Vsync.

What I find the more exciting is the improvement to latency and quality that we could get for actual DK1!
So what do you think about it ?

And to Epic: are you guys going to release the plugin integration of this new SDK soon? I’m pretty sure you had a pre-preview of it before us :wink:


This sounds very promising, I’m in agreement I would like to hear what effect this has for DK1 users using UE4, I’m a little hesitant on getting it as I am very happy with the current setup for UE4 dev projects.

Thanks for letting people know SRombauts.


Yep I that would be very nice indeed:)

The roadmap tellw us they are working on Oculus Time warping technic that help reduce latency, that’s promising.

The Oculus SDK v0.3.2 Preview 2 has been released!

You can download it now at

Release Highlights

  • Added Mac OSX and Linux support to the Oculus SDK.
  • Added Mac OSX support for the Oculus - Unity integration.
  • Improved GL performance and stability.