Oculus SDK 0.4.1 now available with UE4 integration patch

Got an email from Oculus that SDK 0.4.1 is now released:

The email also says : “UE4 integration patch is now available that supports 0.4 SDK and runtime” . However, it does not say that in the version history log on the site.
I’m at work now so I haven’t had any time to look at it but thought I’d let you know.

I opened up UE4 and clicked verify and it downloaded a ~300KB patch. I’m guessing that is the patch.

That may be true for the pre-built version of UE4 4.3.1, but for those of us that build from source, we will need an update/patch. Poking around GitHub I see some changes to the master branch that may be for SDK 0.4.1, but I don’t think they have been applied to either UE4 4.3.1 or 4.4 preview.

  • Dave

I was about to ask how I integrate this patch into 4.3.1 source but I guess we’re out of luck. Seems like I will have to uninstall 0.4.1 runtime in order to get my game running (and re-install the 0.3.x camera driver).

Edit: You can get around it (with 0.4.1 installed) like this:

2ndEdit: Seems like Oculus might put up a ‘UE4 integration package’ on their download page today that will update the 4.3 codebase: OK | Oculus

3rd: I changed to Oculus fork of Unreal Engine. I’ll switch back again with 4.4 or 4.5 when 0.4.1 is officially implemented.

I do hope it gets integrated in the 4.4, but I’m afraid they are already finalising the release, so we will probably have to wait 4.5.
Any feedback from Epic?

Ok, here it goes:
“We are working with Epic to integrate this code to upcoming UE4 4.4, will see how it goes (can’t promise anything; in worst case scenario we will provide our own integration for 4.4 as well).”
Let’s cross our fingers :wink: