Oculus Rift wiki pages

Since I got my have my hands on the public build, I’ve thought it best to update the Wiki entries I created and link to any others that were relevant.

Updated info on how to use and how to work with an Rift.

Bluerpint function to detect if Rift is in use.

Updated C++ code as well as instructions on creating Blueprints for custom player camera manager.

Thanks for these Kris, it’s nice to see someone working with the Rift that had access to the UE4 beta is posting some tutorials :slight_smile:

Finally got around to looking info varios config settings and console commands.
Added what I found to the wiki.

This includes a setting to control the virtual head model.
Important for anyone who wants to use a true first person viewpoint.

This is really great man, thanks! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, and will surely come back to your page when I do!

New stuff added to the main entry:

  • Sanity check.
  • World scale.
  • Player size & speed.
  • Steps to create a true first person viewpoint camera.
  • Images.

You can thank my 3 month old for this update.
By the time she was settled, I was wide awake and had nothing better to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen your edit, those Wiki pages are a great start!

I do own a Rift and had a fist start with it and UE4. I will definitely try to develop some small demos, and then (on time!) some beginners tutorials.


Hey Kris, the wiki is getting a lot better! Maybe we could add a few other things too. I noticed with lense flare, “unchecking” it on postprocessvolume does not actually remove it. It appears it has to be checked and value set to 0. (this took me a long time to figure out) Same with motion blur.

Also perhaps adding some information on “packaging” projects after making changes to any of the sample content. It would not save any of my post process/level changes once packaging/exporting to windows. Solution Here:

Adding information to the wiki about modifying the “Engine.ini” file after packaging, as opposed to “Defaultengine.ini” that is mentioned. (for modifying vsync, prediction, rift settings.)

On a side note: (This next section will not be of interested to most desktop users, but gaming laptop users.)

I am having a lot of scaling issues with Intel/Nvidia Optimus based laptops here with the Rift over HDMI. For example when exporting the project as anything other than native resolution 1280x800 It is not viewable. (Such as exporting as 1920x1080 or 1920x1200, which works fine in Unity) Other issues I’ve noticed are when vsync is on with these laptops, there is a choppiness/stutter even with the framerate at a constant 60fps… so there is really no reason for it that I can see. I can turn vsync off to resolve the issue, but for some reason the head tracking gets laggier when I do this. Which is the exact opposite of what I expected, usually turning vsync off actually improves the headtracking latency. I have tried various intel/nvidia drivers without any change. I will post more on these issues in feedback section.