Oculus Rift Setup

Could I check that I should Install the SDK beta AND Runtime from the Oculus site before I try using with a project first.

I assume that I can use any project.

Any help is appreciated.

if you are asking then you not need the sdk.

But I do need to install the runtime on all machines?

OK so I installed the runtime and it seems to work with the demo scene of Oculus.

Question there are 2 modes ‘Direct HMD Access from Apps’ and ‘Extend Desktop to the HMD’. I created a dummy scene in UE4 and created an build (exe) however when viewing with the rift I its does seem to work, do I need to anything to the scene before creating a build?


select Direct mode, launch the demo with the rift ON always, and alt+enter? that all

its does seems to work? or not? your english its bad like mine i think :lol: , and dummy scene don’t known what mean… standard template?

there are wiki page about VR in unrealengine wiki.

and a VR template here

nice to begin learn, but you have a long path… look general video tutorials in unreal channel on youtube and read and read tutorials.


I do apologies, I thought I could create any project and just hook on the Oculus Rift on and away I go - but I see that is not the case!

Thanks for the pointer to the template, I will go through the posts to understand how this works.