[Oculus Rift] Removing the headset causes vision + audio to the "Mirror" monitor to be lost

Hi All,

I’m writing about a behavior that exists on the Oculus Rift in packaged builds. The default behavior for Rift when the user removes the headset is for the Mirror monitor (the external display) to abruptly show a black screen and for the audio to cut out. I understand that the screen cuts off inside the HMD to avoid burn-in. This also occurs if the Headset is sat still for a few minutes.

Is it possible to disable this behavior in unreal engine, so that if the user removes the HMD, audio + video will still be displayed on the external “mirror” monitor?
This is for live demo situations with multiple users. The player’s view is mirrored to an external monitor. Having the video/audio cut out when a player removes the headset is very jarring.

Would appreciate any assistance!!

So far I have tried:

  • Temporarily switching to mirror mode “0” when the headset is removed - this leaves vision on the screen but it’s frozen and wont update (Mirror mode 0 also shows the 2 eyes which doesn’t look great). The audio also is still cut off in this method.
  • Sticking sticky tape over the Headset’s proximity sensor. This is a last resort - I am using the proximity sensor (headset taken on/taken off) to automatically reset level variables using Blueprints.