Oculus rift remote controller spawn

Is it possible to spawn oculus rift remote controller as a htc vive controllers.

It is actually.
First, in your player Pawn BP or via code, add the motion controller component to it and set the controller to Left or right - you will need 2 of them. Don’t name them LeftController or RightController - something weird happens there.

Next, in the content Browser, select View Options and Check Show Engine Content - this exposes the meshes for Oculus and Vive

Back to your BP, Select Left Controller or Right Controller and then select Visualisation in the Details Panel. You can then select a mesh for the controller.

It have tried but not get desired output. can you please suggest me any tutorial, i am new in unreal.

I am fairly new as well. This worked for me as I was using a Windows Mixed Reality headset until I figured out how to get the meshes showing. I attached the oculus controllers to the component. Let me see if I can get a couple of screenshots. There is also a course on Udemy that shows VR and Unreal using C++ but it does require at least some basic C++ and Unreal understanding.

The wiring of the controllers was done via C++ in the code I have as opposed to using BP.

Actually, if the oculus plug-in is anything like the WMR one, it may not behave in the same way. The method above worked when using SteamVR.

Here: try this. Add a Static Mesh under the motion controller and attach the mesh that way. Here’s a docs article on doing this sort of thing.