Oculus Rift: libOVR Error Code -3001 (Hackathon problem)

Hi there!

I did ask for a mentor as well as posted a few comments on the official Slack workspace, but so far no one did come over to help me out with this.

From now until tomorrow afternoon, I am participating at Hack the North, Canada’s largest hackathon. What I’m trying to do is build a small-scale version of an app for the Rift where you are in a flat house, and you can walk around some furniture, move them around, add, or remove them as you please.

But upon connecting the Oculus Rift to this Alienware laptop I’ve reserved for the hackathon, and trying to use it while opening up a new UE4 project, I get the following error popup:

“Failed to initialize libOVR: CAPI Error: -3001”

The editor does open up just as normal, but what I can’t do is set the Play Mode to VR Preview. On doing some research, it’s my impression that the Oculus SDK that is supposed to come with UE V4.15.3 is either missing or corrupted. Since I am a newcomer, it would be too much work for me to fork the Oculus Rift SDK repo from GitHub and build it from there.

What should I do? Please help me out here!

You can reinstall the full 4.15.3 from the Epic Launcher, no need to fork and recompile. Is your Oculus otherwise working? (e.g. with the Oculus Home)

Well, I’m not at the hackathon anymore; it ended on Sunday. But yes, the Oculus Rift was working on its own before I even tried installing UE4; it was set up properly.

Could it be that the laptop did had UE4 before where I made the request to repair?