Oculus Rift DK2 and UE4 4.3: problems with Oculus Runtime 0.4

Hey guys.

As many of you recently figured out DK2 and UE4 4.3 do not work together if Oculus Runtime 0.4 is installed.

We apologize for the mess. I want to confirm that UE4 4.3 is indeed DK2-ready. The problem is the new 0.4 Runtime that unfortunately is incompatible with 0.3-based apps for now. We are working on resolving this issue right now, as well as preparing a new integration of UE4 and Oculus SDK 0.4.

As a workaround for now - you should not install 0.4 Runtime while you use UE4 4.3. Instead, you’ll need to install a DK2 camera driver, download link:
(Note: you will need to uninstall this driver later when you decide to switch to 0.4).

If you already have installed 0.4 Runtime then you may either uninstall it and install the camera driver from above, or you need to disable the OVRService by performing the following steps:

  1. Remove or Disable the “Oculus Service Scheduler” from the Windows Task Scheduler: “Start” button -> “Task Scheduler”
  2. Switch display mode to Extended mode or uninstall the Oculus Display Driver;
  3. Remove “OculusConfigUtil.exe” from Programs -> Startup (For example, C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

Thanks for the info but your link is broken I think.

Can you please fix the link for the camera driver? Really would like to give this a try ASAP.

The link is fixed. Sorry!

Sweet! But still, I can’t wait for the official SDK 0.4.0 integration! ;D

Any idea when there will be a camera driver for OSX? Is it better to just sink some cash on Windows if I’m getting into game development?

OSX will be supported (incl positional trackng) in 0.4 integration.

I really hope SDK 0.4 (or better, if 0.4.1 fixes DK2’s issues, black smear, judder, chromatic aberration), makes it into UE4 update 4.3.2 or 4.4, whichever is next… :confused: It’s no fun to always be a version or 2 behind the good bug fixes…lol

Hello everyone,
I can’t get the positional tracking to work.
I have the equivalent of a DK1…

Couch Knight is the same. (so it’s not my project etc…)

Using extended, 75Hz, potrait mode…
Oculus SDK 0.4 not installed
Camera driver installed
DK2 firmware has been updated on another PC

Am I missing something ?

I thought you needed DK2 hardware for positional tracking to work… do you mean rotational tracking?

Of course I have a Dk2 !
When I meant “I have the equivalent of a DK1” I meant as a result of things not working ! ^

AH okay haha.

Any word on how the implementation of the latest SDK is coming along? I would really love to use the Direct HMD Access mode with my project.

Works ok for me

I use the 0.4 SDK but before running the Editor stop the wscript.exe process and the OVRService_x64.exe process.
That seems to work in couch knights and my own project fine.

When will the the DK2 be supported in direct mode? Any planned ETA?

I can confirm this works (not with direct mode though). Also, this doesn’t give positional tracking.

Is there an issue tracker for adding positional tracking or direct mode support?

I get directional tracking no problem.

No news about Oculus in the 4.4 preview release notes. :eek:

Nothing on GitHub either, the runtime doesn’t seem to have been updated on any branch there so we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. Its a matter of time, maybe they are waiting on a more stable Oculus driver as well for the next update (0.4.1 anyone?)