Oculus Rift Controllers not working, only thumbsticks work.

So I made a vr game and when I was using mouse and keyboard everything worked fine but now that I wanted to use Oculus Touch controllers(rift CV1) and the thumbsticks work fine for movement but for other inputs I wanted to use triggers and buttons(A,B,X,Y) but they dont work.

I edited the level blueprint to print out the inputs and the engine recognizes the inputs but the player doesn’t respond to them and having the blueprint open on another monitor, I dont see the blueprint reacting to the inputs.

I enabled the inputs and everything but the player only reacts to thumbsticks and cap touch controls on the left controller(picture left).

I tried adding a fire input action mapping and use it in the blueprint since the blueprint(pictures 2 and 3), but the blueprint doesnt react to that.

What do I do?


try enabling only open xr and not the oculous or steam plugins
then check your inputs.