Oculus Rift Camera Bounds Display

Does anyone know how to show the camera bounds for the rift like in the demo scene?


You can have the position of your HMD with blueprint. But I’m not sure you can have the bounding “box”.
All function about HMD are in “input->HeadMountedDevice”. You can use GetOrientationAndPosition. With this data you will be able to compute your own bounding box.

Cool thanks. I’ll look into it tonight. I’ll post any findings

I was asking myself that, too. I ended up by creating this ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ solution:

You can find it here (too long to paste):

(You will have to recreate all local variables as UE4 still can’t repair/recreate them after copy/paste)

help! I can’t find hmdtrackerworldtransform node… my bounds are moving with my head when I use hmd location.