Oculus Rift and Unreal Studio

Hello all!

I am having a bit of trouble setting things up in Unreal Studio for the Oculus Rift HMD and Touch Controllers.

The issue I am having is in trying to create my own level and applying the blueprints to that new level. So far, I have created a basic landscape (flat and single material for now. Nothing too fancy) and applied light and atmosphere effects. These are all setup just like any other project I have done, so I decided to go ahead and set up the Oculus Rift system using the blueprints provided.

However, upon placing the blueprints, I am unable to view the level with the headset. If I were to create my own camera entity for the Rift system, then it works fine, but I lose the added features available with the Unreal Studio’s blueprint, which is mainly the reason I decided to do this particular project in the Unreal Studio environment template anyway.