Oculus Quest - right screen flicker

I’m experiencing a really annoying issue with Oculus Quest - the right eye screen is flickering (turning off and on). I thought it’s something wrong with my headset, but this only happens with apps built with UE. I was also able to google and find some other people complaining about this, so looks like it’s a real issue, but none of the threads seem to suggest a solution. It’s pretty odd that everyone sees this in the right eye only…

Looks like in some threads Unreal employees ask to run a blank project - so I did, and yes, it’s still reproducible (UE->New->Blank Project, then update project settings per the guide).
I did also try to rebuild everything - same thing.

Please advise if there is a setting I’m missing.

RESOLVED - TL;DR: Turn Mobile HDR off

Was my bad - in the guide I kept reading that Mobile HDR needs to be turned ON. It is however supposed to be OFF. After disabling that and restarting the editor both eyes now work properly.