Oculus Quest - Making a media texture with mp4 lags really bad

I took a simple 400mb video file and made a media texture with it so that I could display the video in-game. The problem is, whenever I play the video it lags the game and drops to around 15fps. It goes back to normal if I pause it. The video is 1920x1080, so I dont think it’s the video size. I do, however have around 10 more videos linked to file media sources that are not being used in anything. If anyone could help me figure out why its lagging really bad, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Edit: I’m using UE 4.23 and Vulkan to run my Oculus Quest

I know it’s a year later but I also have this issue. I’m just using a regular 15mb mp4 media texture with no Oculus Quest and it drops my whole FPS to 15-30 from 280 for a split second. I haven’t found any information about this.