Oculus Quest Link - Hand tracking

Hi, does anyone have information if hand tracking work in Oculus Quest with Link PC ? Now is only unofficial plugin ?

Hi, as far as I know, hand tracking isn’t supported with the Oculus Link and Oculus hasn’t revealed any plans to add the feature. You still have to build your project for running on the Quest as an android device if you want to develop for hand tracking. Hand tracking should be coming soon but for now, there is only the unofficial plugin available, which I tried and work fantastically.

Thank you but this unofficial plugin work with Oculus Quest Link PC ? I know it work without link but I can’t find information about link.

It doesn’t by what I can tell

@pawel9091 GitHub - rfsheffer/QuestHands: An Unreal Engine 4 plugin for the new Oculus Quest hands tracking.

Does anyone have news about Hand Tracking on the PC using the link cable?
A solution must be pretty close, it’s easy to play with the Hand Tracking features in the editor via the VR Preview, but when packaging the project to Windows and playing via the link cable the Hand Tracking is gone.
Apps like Immersed have Hand Tracking enabled, but I can just imagine the custom code they had to do it.