Oculus Quest - Hand Tracking Availability


I was wondering if anyone got more information on the availability of the Oculus Quest hand tracking feature in the latest UnrealEngine version.

Last thing I heard from Oculus was that the implementation was planned for the “first half of 2020”.

I checked the release notes of UE4.23, 4.24, and 4.25 Preview 7 but I couldn’t find verifiable info on the topic.

Can anyone confirm whether the hand tracking is currently available for the Oculus Quest or not?

PS: I know about the unofficial QuestHands plugin from rfsheffer


At the moment there is nothing official from Unreal :frowning:

I checked the source code and saw some of the functions like “IsHanTrackingAvailable” in the included version of the OculusVR plugin.
So the functionality might be there but it currently doesn’t seem to be mapped anywhere.
Also, there is a new “HandTracking” category in the ProjectSettings->Input->Axis, I just can’t seem to get any response from mapping these axes.

Now hand tracking is officialy released, don’t we have anything yet in 4.25?

Oculus just released these news on thursday:…ase-notes-v17/…hand-tracking/

I’m wondering when this will be actually available in the engine. Anyone knows anything about an upcoming update for the Engine?

Until then, the hand tracking functionality is already fully available in 4.25, you just have to build your own code around it.

Check out Ryan Sheffer’s Plugin: GitHub - rfsheffer/QuestHands: An Unreal Engine 4 plugin for the new Oculus Quest hands tracking. To tie us over till Oculus's official release.