Oculus Quest compiled project unable to open anymore

I’m not sure if this is the correct spot, but I’m in need of help. If this is not the correct are to post this, could you kindly point me where I should reach out for help?

If anyone is familiar with this issue I could use some help:

I try to open a project for graduate school and I’m seeing the below error, this happens when the unreal editor window is opening:

Assertion failed: Existing.Linker->ExportMap[Existing.LinkerIndex].Object==this [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectLinker.cpp] [Line: 107]

The most frustrating part is that this is building for Oculus Go, and I did a build for my oculus, then cancelled the build and had to go to dinner with my partner, and now when I came back my project is completely ruined, which is the second time this has happened and I will have to rebuild everything.

If anyone has any information to help please let me know, and thank you everyone so much

Hi. This issue happens to me sometimes as well. Usually you can get your project back. First make one or two backups to experiment with.

or some reason a couple of your files are corrupted in some way. If you remove the corrupted files from your project, it should start again. Try to remember which files you touched last. Those will be most likely the cause of the crash. Remove one file, try to start the project. If it still crashes, try the next file etc, till the project starts again. If you don’t remember which files you touched last, you will have to go through the project. Try deleting a folder, if the project starts it must be in that folder. Restore the folder and start deleting one file after the other till you found the corrupt files.

Once the project starts again, there will very likely be some warning and errors because you removed a file that was referenced to other files. You can either recreate your old file that was corrupt and fix the errors or you can try to copy the old corrupt file into your project folder in WIndows Explorer while your project is still open. At this point your project should not crash, but the old corrupt file will appear in your Content Browser. From there you can try to fix the errors that come with it. If the corrupt file was a blueprint you can most often create a new blueprint and copy and paste the contents over, recreate the variables and functions etc.

For the future you want to use some kind of Source Control for UE4 projects (google it). In the worst case you will then always have backups.