Oculus Quest and recording movement


Does anyone know anyway that I can record the movement of an object or actor within my Oculus Quest game and get that into Sequencer for export to FBX?

Or is there another way of recording the movement of an object in a game and exporting that to FBX?



I don’t have a quest, but I guess you can simply use the Sequence Recorder!? Just fire up the window under window->sequenceRecorder, start gameplay, add an actor to the recorder, pick the oculus actors (HMD, Controllers) - and record. The sequence can be saved as an animation sequence asset and can also be exported to fbx. I’m doing most of my cinematics this way. Hope it helps

Hi Adnoh, cheers for the quick response!

The issue (and maybe Im missing a really obvious fix to this), is that the Quest is a standalone headset, so I play the game unwired to the PC that has UE on it.

I was hoping there was a way to record within the game, then plug my headset in to then use the recording in Sequencer but I’m struggling to work it out.

Ah - makes sense :wink: what about doing it as a multiplayer game and have the server run on the pc? Then you could also record the actor (your “remote” oculus client") in sequencer? never tried, but should be not much pain to make it work. Other way I could think of is the UE Replay system. This could also be a chance to record it on the headset and replay it on pc with recording it

ah the multiplayer idea is really cool! i’ll look into how possible that is. I looked into the Replay system but wasn’t sure how I then take that replay and record it in Sequencer once I plug my headset in. If you have any thoughts on this, then great, but really appreciate your help on the above! Thanks Adnoh!

sorry, last time I played with replay system, there wasn’t sequencer available yes, so quite a long time :slight_smile: I think the Shooter Example has replay implemented, maybe you can look there for a example. But I guess multiplayer is the quickest way to go. There are some VR Multiplayer examples out there, but I guess only for Rift / Vive, not sure if somebody did it with the quest already, but should not make such a big difference