Oculus Quest 2 over Oculus link crashes when MetaHuman is in view

Tested with the Demo Scene of Metahumans and V4.26.1
And with an freshly exported MetaHuman an Version 4.26.2

It works for LOD1 but when approaching the MetaHuman and LOD0 kicks in, the visual output becomes distorted and the engine crashes,

Probably some shader problem.
Does anybody know a workaround?


This isn’t an answer but I’m getting the same thing on the index

I can use metahumans in normal preview, I can do vr preview without metahumans, but metahumans and vr preview is a crash 100% of the time, not on play button but when view turns towards it

Yeah haven’t found an answer myself either but trying. I believe what you’re running into is what I’ve seen here too, has to do with groom. Valve Index2 --- not loading UE4(4.26 preview6) VR preview when using the Groom plugin

I’m also trying to get the oculus motion controllers to work with metahumans. If anyone has info!

Forgot to mention that if you remove the groom files (all the hair) from the blueprint and try VR Preview it should work…but obviously without hair :-/

Yes, @derekshull990,
that fits to my observation: In LOD1 there is no hair, no crash either. It happens, when the hair should get rendered. I’ll remove it for now. Thanks!

Same here, also with Quest 2. Works fine if I choose a LOD that doesn’t use the new groom system.

Did anyone try with an HTC Vive or other PC tethered headset?

Confirming groom system currently doesn’t work in VR (or stereo) on any device. Some tips for Metahumans in this context https://twitter.com/iBrews/status/1427481910218043400

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