Oculus Quest 2 Controllers not visible in packaged project

I have an issue when I package my game the quest controllers are not visible in game. I can interact with things in game but no controllers. When I launch the game from the UE4 editor they are visible and work perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Followed this tutorial to get the controllers in game: Adding Rigged Quest Two Controllers to your VR Project - YouTube

Have not seen tutorial. Any messages from device log? One of the common reasons for missing assets is auto stripping. You could try to force packaging of controller models by adding relevant folders to “Always cook” assets in Project Settings. Such errors should be very easy to spot from device log.

Thanks, I checked the device log and had a bunch of warnings that the controller asset was never saved as an export. I went into the project settings and unchecked exclude editor content when cooking and that fixed the issue.