Oculus Quest 2 - Color Grading with LUT

The Oculus GitHub distribution of Unreal Engine source code includes some sample VR projects addressing various aspects of developing for the Oculus Quest 2 with the UE4. One of the sample projects, named “RenderingTechniques”, contains several maps with specific advanced rendering technics, for example cascaded shadow maps.

While I have been able to succesfully compile the UE4.25.4 branch and launch some of the maps of this “RenderingTechniques” sample project on the Oculus Quest 2, the “ColorGradeMap” which is supposed to showcase the use of a LUT to color grade is not working on my Oculus Quest 2.

A patch is included in this repository and is supposed to be applied to the UE4 source code to enable this LUT color grading post process. I have tried applying the patch by using the git (“git apply -v UE4_24-color-grade.patch”). But the patch only works on a few files, giving me errors on most of them.

Has anyone been able to succesfully apply that patch and launch the “ColorGradeMap” on their Oculus Quest 2? In case yes what would be the process to make it work?

Thanks a lot.

hello. lok it,

To enable the Vulkan subpasses for tone mapping, set r.Mobile.TonemapSubpass=1 .