[Oculus] Player always spawns at certain rotation angle?

Not sure if anyone else is having bother with this but when I spawn into the level the player is always rotated to point in a certain direction. Even if I rotate the Player Start it will still spawn at that same rotation. When I detach the Oculus it works normally, but then attach it again and the player spawns at that certain rotation again.

Is this just the way the Oculus sets itself up in the scene? Or is there any way to modify it?

I experienced it a few times, I think it related to this

I’m messing with this since 4.3 :confused:
Found no solution yet.

Huh… interesting. I’ve been getting this same issue as well. The whole time I was thinking it was a bug within my game and I’d just get around to investigating it eventually. I think I started noticing this after I updated to 4.9.2 from 4.7.6, and updated my oculus runtime to 0.7

My temp solution has been to just recalibrate the headset after the game begins.

Thanks guys, i’ll give them a shot and see what happens

I was having the same issues with a DK2. As a quick fix I’ve made an orientation reset connected to a fixed key with Blueprinting. So, when I press the R-key on my keyboard, the Blueprint resets the orientation.