Oculus Platform SDK - when ?

Hi [MENTION=2437]Nick Whiting[/MENTION]

Could you please clarify when Oculus Platform SDK for Gear VR (with full exposure to BP) will be integrated into UE4 ?

Most of Gear VR devs who use UE4 are eager to use IAP, friends, leaderboard and achievements :o

Also wondering if there are any plans for HISMCs / foliage optimizations for mobile VR (Daydream and Gear VR).


We’re hoping to patch in the Android support for the Oculus Platform plugin into 4.13.1, so hopefully that’ll be coming soon.

As far as HISMC / foliage for mobile VR, I’m afraid that’s not on the roadmap for the next few months!

Yay, thanks!!!

Aww, ouch :frowning: Working on this scene and it would be nice to batch same geometry (which would allow more rocks / dry grass and stuff):

Oh, well… Maybe in 4.14 ? :o