[OCULUS] PanoramicCaputure Viewer

Hi all,

Im trying to implement 360 stereoscopic videos in my application for Oculus Go, and I got a lot of useful information from this livestream:Stereo Panoramic Plugin | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Unfortunately, the movie or still viewer does not work when I add the plugin. I assume its outdated or hasnt been added yet. Im not the only one with this issue, because in this thread: Training Stream - Stereo Panoramic Plugin - Oct 18th - Live from Epic HQ - Events - Unreal Engine Forums
, people are reporting the same.

Does anyone have a working solution to add playable 360 stereoscopic videos to your application? I tried to ask Sam Deiter (who made the plugin I presume), but he hasnt been active on twitter for 4 years, so I assume thats a dead end.

Thanks in advance!

It’s weird I see no information online regarding the 4.23 update to the panoramic capture plugin apart from the screen capture blueprint. there is an oculus viewer blueprint in the folder but it appears to be empty.