Oculus Online Subsystem ?

Oculus integrated their Platform SDK into UE 4.13 (although somehow it didn’t make it into preview 2) and they say all the stuff like achievements, user profile, etc. is done via UE4’s Online Subsystem:

Google-sensei doesn’t return any docs about how to use UE4’s Online Subsystem via Blueprint in general, not to mention there is nothing about Oculus OSS BP nodes and how to use them.

Are there any near-future plans about some docs / training materials on the subject matter (UE4’s OSS and Oculus OSS) ?



Would love to learn more about this too. Running into problems trying to implement Oculus’s entitlement check.

Same here!! It is not finding any active sessions and I’d love to see some docs/tutorial on this. Seems pretty crucial for VR dev.

There is some info here:

and here: