oculus motion controler position is off

the position i get from the controller is radically different from the position of the HMD, currently i am trying to find the offset between the 2 but it seems the position has some offset added to it, is there any good way to fix this?

Most common causes for this:

  • You did not setup your VR Pawn properly. The VR Camera needs to be parented to a VRCameraRoot Scene Component. The motion controllers don’t need to be parented to it. Solution: Make sure your Pawn is setup like explained here:

  • You have both a Player Start and a VR Pawn in the scene. When you Preview in VR, you are seeing the world through the Default Pawn assigned to the Player Start, but your Motion Controllers are linked to the VR Pawn in the scene, so they appear offset. Solution: remove the Player Start from the Scene and make sure your VR Pawn in the scene has Autoposses Player 0.

  • Your Motion Controllers are not initialized to 0,0,0 relative position in your VR Pawn. Typically the Motion Controllers should not have any default relative offset. Solution reset the motion controller relative position to 0,0,0

Hope this helps!

Can you show how your VR Pawn is set up?

Hay @vr_marco, I had the same issue with the oculus go, I set my project to be deployed with android on the third person template, I add the inputs for motion control right so I’m able to control the mannequin then I add the mesh to the motion control in the third person BP but no matter where I move it on the Oculus go looks offset by a lot see the pictures

@vr_marco I actually set it up for the Oculus go, in the setting set up I set the manifest to deploy in android fro gear VR and is ready to go on the glasses and move the character with the motion controll but the mesh looks good on the computer but offset on the oculus go device.

my set up on the pictures let me know if that helps and I know you have tutorials I have seen before from you I will revise any if you send me one to see the way you do it . and thank you very much for your help

alt text

For something like this you need to use a pawn setup like in my tutorial here: Super-easy VR body with Arm IK and thumbstick locomotion - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

thank you Marco