Oculus go

Hi there,

I am trying to get a simple scene onto my Oculus Go, but so far not having any luck.

I have it connected to my Windows10 laptop and it does see the device but cant get it talking via the adb devices command from the recommended Oculus go
drivers. Is this needed?

I am deploying it to the go rather than packaging to a folder on my desktop then trying to drag and drop it directly on.

I have Android Works setup to the recommended settings. and my scene is error free. Otherwise i’m scratching my head.

Hope someone may have some answers.


I had trouble running the adb command with my Occulus Go and for the life of me I can’t remember what was the cause or fix.

Are you following the quick start guide? :

Did a clean install of Android Works, although still have the integra part installed. Have heard this should be removed.

Anyway…managed to get the ADB device showing up, but now there’s no sign of the headset when I hit deploy…very frustrating. One step forward two steps back.

A shame the whole process isn’t as easy as packaging for Windows!