[oculus go][very basic] Set up Camera

Hello all,

I just bought an oculus go HMD.

I follow this tutorial for the GearVR (…To/CameraSetup) in order to set up the Camera.

When i finished the setup and launched on the oculus go, i can cleary see the empty map, and see that the CameraHeight is set properly, but and i cannot move the camera when i move my head.

Does anyone has some tips??

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

At the bottom of that article there is a sample project you can download. Did you try if that one is working properly? Are you possessing the VR pawn properly?

I just make a try with the sample project as you suggested and it work …

I just need to check it out in order to know the differences between the sample and what the tuto said to do.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Probably you forgot to possess your VR Pawn. Just a guess.

Nope, the problem was that my current map name doesn’t fit the one that was in Edit/Project_settings/Engine/Maps_and_Nodes/Default_Maps.

Anyway, thank you for you help.

I hope it will help someone else one day