Oculus Go Texture resolution degrades over time


we are working on our first project on Oculus go, using the GearVRMC Template Project as start.

When running the application on the Oculus Go, the Texture quality seems to get worse over time. (Usually a few seconds). You can clearly see Gradients getting more “steppier”. I attached two pictures to illustrate, what my gradients look like after a few seconds.

No idea what this causes, I really need a fix for this.

Probably something with your material setup since I’ve not noticed this before. Can you post a picture of one of the material blueprints that has the issue?

Also do you experience the same on a non-mobileVR build? ie: exporting just as pure android without oculusvr ticked to see if you see the same?

Here’s the Material Blueprint of one of the affected Materials. I guess all Textures will look lowres over time, but I only use flat colors, except two materials that have a really big noise and this one with the gradient.

Haven’t tried that yet. - I only tried playing in Viewport and watching the affected Textures - Nothing happened.

Thanks for the reply.

My guess is you need to use Custom UVs to avoid this performance issue you’re seeing. I’ve had similar on Android before (I’m guessing if you test the material on pure Android build you will see the same).

Doc for custom UVs:

I’m not good enough at materials to know exactly what you need to change, but try to get the time node track into the custom UVs input (vertex shader) as it’s the cause for the performance limitation on Android (when used as a pixel shader)

Thanks, I will try your suggestion and let you know if it worked or not.

Okay you where right.

I turned “Full Percision” on affected materials on and it fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!

Hey guys, i’m unable to crate a new topic, but that already talk about Occulus go Texture

Bruh thank you, didn’t know about the pixel shader performance limitation for UVs