Oculus Go support in 4.18 ?

Just saw an official tweet saying UE4 can build for Oculus Go. Do you mean 4.18 launcher version release will have that support or would one have to use Oculus fork to build for Go ?


Why is building for Go required if apps are binary compatible with gear VR? further optimisations?

If that was a simple case, entire Gear VR library could have been moved to Oculus Go. However, that’s not the case. Thus, my question.

Good point. Getting as early a start as possible on what may be the ‘next big thing’ would be awesome. So any clarification on what to expect from Unreal in the near-term would be greatly appreciated.

4.18 has a new Daydream 6dof export option so looks like the upcoming standalone 6dof daydream headsets might be already supported? Not seeing anything for Oculus however…