[Oculus GO] streaming level turns black & white after reload

See pic - I have several projects that have a persistent level (base stuff + lights) and several levels (2 or 3) with design options. All are streaming levels with lighting scenarios.
Using the controller I switch the individual levels. After starting the GO, the first time around all levels are fine. After you’ve seen all levels, you’re back at the first level and this time this (and only this) first level is black & white (except the BPsky). All other levels are fine. All the next rounds its the same. Stopping & restarting the app on the GO, its always the same.

On the Rift and the desktop there’s no problem. Some projects with the same logic and blueprints don’t have this problem. The only ‘solution’ I have found so far is moving all objects from the first level to another - rebuild the lighting - move all objects back again - rebuild the lighting. The problem frequently does come back at some point though.

So my question is; what can cause the view to go black&white (on GO/Mobile) ?