Oculus Go quitting inside app not working

I’m trying to submit and app to the Oculus Store and one of the requirements is to have a quit button however the quit node in blueprint doesn’t seem to work. It works if I test it with an Oculus Rift

I’ve included a picture of the quit set up I have but none of them seem to work.


For oculus mobile you just need to execute the following console command:

Thanks for that, that works for the main menu but would it work for the entitlement check? As far as I know the app needs to close if you’re not entitled to it and this doesn’t close the app.

Thanks again

Was a bug, looks like it’s being fixed in 4.23. Oculus GO + 4.22; Quit Game not working anymore? - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

If you need it now like I do, cherry pick commit 2fcce8168ee119d47ea8e8a7938c172d13ff4684 into your source version, or add the actual fix yourself. Fix here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-72276)