[Oculus GO] post process (exposure compensation with multiple volumes)

According to this page, you should be able to control to the exposure on GearVR (GO).…/BestPractices
For a project with an interior and exterior on the GO I really would like to control the Exposure Compensation. I added two volumes but the exposure settings don’t seem to have any effect. Any suggestions? Google-ing doesn’t result in anything useful.

Max, I don’t think Auto Exposure is actually supported on mobiles (Go) despite what the documentation may say. I believe the mobile rendering level excludes it. We can try to ask on Discord, maybe someone knows for sure. Or check the source code.

@vr_marco I asked the same question on the answerhub. Maybe someone there knows whats up with the ppvs in gearVr/OculusGo

@maxbrown I have done some tests and it turns out only Exposure Compensation is supported when it comes to Exposure settings.

This is the list of PostProcessing properties supported on mobile devices, including the Oculus Go:

@vr_marco thanks as always for your insight. I tested in a small project by just enabling the Mobile HDR and it works indeed. I used Mobile Multi View until now and had to disable this or I would only get a black screen in the GO. Too bad that toggling this option makes all shaders recompile.

Edit: Mobile HDR comes at a big cost - framerate seems around > 25% less.
Edit2: Back to the non-Mobile HDR and enabling MultiView instead. Just added some more lights inside to compensate for the low light levels without the PPV.