Oculus GO - Object interaction - Returning a picked object to its initial position

Im sorry in advance as it may be too easy - but im still a bit new to vr development and blueprints.
I was trying different approaches for object interactions in mobile VR Oculus Go and the only one wich worked out for me was this tutorial by Matt Doyle
Part 3.3 - Interacting with objects.
so here are the screens of my current blueprints
Oculus Go Pawn -
Blueprint for interactable objects -
What i really need is to make objects return to there prepicked (default) position.
Lets say i have a model of a vehicle where you can take and inspect different separte parts of it, so what i whant is to make these picked objects return back to there initial positions after they are released, if possible with smooth transition on there way back or even with just a simple teleportation back.
Main problem is to make them return back to where they were before the interaction.
As far as i can understand i need to collect the world position data of an object before it is picked and then implement it to the new position after an object is released, but i cant understand how,with what nodes and where should i put them…
please help!

reuploading screens…