[Oculus Go] Key mapping for Input Events

I have started developing for the Oculus Go and as one of the first steps I had to figure out the key mapping. This assumes the MotionController is mapped to the Right hand both in Unreal and within the Oculus Go settings. For the Left hand, just use MotionController (L) instead. I hope it is useful to others.

EDIT: updated to cover the Thumbstick Left, Right, Up and Down events.

Hey this is great, thank you!

Thank you very much. How did you get the left/right hand setting from Oculus Settings in UE4 ?

You can use Is Device Tracked to check if the Left Hand is tracked and, in case, switch the Motion Controller component’s tracked hand to Left (you need to use Set Motion Source). You will need to have double input events, both (L) and (R) connected to the same actions. I tried using Motion Source = AnyHand but it doesn’t seem to work properly with the input mapping.

Great, thanks!

Great Info.
Btw, I have a question. the Left/Right/Up/Down face buttons fire once? or can fire a continuous input?

Nice! Thanks Marco :slight_smile:

Hi guys. I tried this blueprint code and it doesn’t work for me. My default setting is right hand. On Begin play in my player pawn BP I’ve made branch for left hand setup but it starts in 0 position and controller doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Put a Delay immediately after Begin Play. Something like 0.2 or 0.3 sec. If it still doesn’t work try to increase the Delay time. Then use the code above. It will work.

Delay 0.1 works. Thanks a lot!

Hi guys,

Read this post and search on Internet, I find this doc on Oculus website.


Maybe help

can someone out there share a simple GOVR Template with this BP already in the file etc ?

or, to which BP do I make these changes to ?
do I create my own CameraBP?
Why are there no options in the motion controller bp in the vr template for the Go ?

You can add the code, with a small Delay, after Begin Play or use a timer if you want to continulosly check, during game play, whether the hand has been switched in the Go settings.

Hiya, I must be a bit slow or something but I cannot get the motion controller to work. It only moved to the right and jumped when I followed the above, or my interpretation of. I played around again today and I have the following settings so I am not sure what is wrong.
I deliberately left the MoveRight settings at +1 because -1 didn’t seem to make a difference. Apologies if its really simple and straightforward but I had to walk away from it a month ago as was driving me insane and could only simulate my game using the keyboard. When I testing today, my Go decided to go AWOL(floating controller in air and not being recognised by UE4). So I couldn’t test out this recent mappings(where I took out the Jump as I thought it was conflicting with the other settings) - where I changed the Move Forward to -1. If someone would take a screenshot of their settings I would really really appreciate it.
I haven’t used any Blueprints along with this as it wasn’t mentioned as part of the course.Thanks,

Thank you for sharing the information.
Sorry to disturb by asking, but do you have any information about the current mappings on engine version 4.24+ as the Motioncontroller inputs are no more?

I can’t get the inputs to work.