Oculus Go controller input mappings don't work (4.24.3)


Sorry if I’m bringing this up here. I can’t login in the Answerhub section for some reason (either with Safari or Chrome).

The new Oculus Go controller mappings in 4.24 aren’t working, at least for a few developers like me. According to your Unreal Engine Issues roster under item UE-85917, it is fixed as per version 4.24.3.

Going back to 4.23.1 is a solution, but it deprives us of the evolution of UE, especially for new projects.

Please let us know if it is something we’re not doing right. I’m pretty sure I, personally, ha’ve read all there is to read on this issue, but I may still have missed something.


Sorry, no solution from my side. However, I’d like to chime in on this one.
I’m now using a PS4 Controller instead, but also this isn’t fully supported on the Go - (at least) the trigger buttons on that one don’t work, either.
Epic, do something! I’m actually quite surprised that they obviously don’t have a regression test for something as basic as controller input…

Going back to 4.23.1 is not a solution (at least not for me).