[Oculus Go] Anyone had success with Vulkan?

Hey fellow UE4 devs,
anyone of you working with the Oculus Go mobile headset? It should support Vulkan, but we have a hard time getting it to work. What are the steps to use Vulkan with the Go?

I tried once and it didn’t work. A recent quote (after launch of 4.20) from a team member on the official Oculus forum; “Due to some outstanding bugs in this implementation, we are holding back on releasing a mobile Vulkan release at this time. I don’t have an ETA for release unfortunately.”…Comment_629351

Hey thank you. I saw that post too but stopped reading because we’re using the 4.19 Oculus fork. But if it’s still not working in 4.20, there’s no point in trying in previous versions either.

Thanks mate!

Hello does 4.21 support Vulkan out of the Box

Vulkan is not supported on Oculus Go and won’t be supported until they iron the API with Khronos.

This is a real shame because the GO could really benefit from the optimizations Vulkan provides. It would increase visual quality across the board while simultaneously improving performance. I think this is the year for Mobile VR to take off, and it would be wise to have the newest low level API ready for developers. Besides, it has been out for a couple years now, it should at least be usable.