Oculus Go and Windows 7

Have managed to deploy a scene to the Go from my windows 10 laptop. Would like to work on my works machine which is Windows 7. Is it supported by Oculus?

Also! Does anyone know how to remove unknown sources projects? Connected the GO to my laptop and removed the folder but still showing when I uses the headset.

Thanks for any help

Hello Jim,

The minimum spec for Rift etc. is now Windows 10 Updating Rift’s Minimum and Recommended Spec OS to Windows 10 | Oculus However I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to deploy to a Go from Windows 7.

As for your other question - I’m disappointed that you’re asking this again! :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex! And yes sorry for asking the question again! Wanted to see if there had been any further developments. Unfortunately I still can’t remove projects from unknown sources. Have found a new sideloader tool, so will see if can remove content as well.