Oculus Go - AI working on viewport but not on the oculus device?

Hi all,

I’m working on a project where i want to have an AI allways following my Pawn.
The problem i have is that when i run it on simulation or viewport it’s working perfectly, but when i play it in my Oculus Go the AI Character is not following my pawn at all.??

For the AI, i followed this ‘official’ tutorial :

The only difference with the tutorial is that i’m using a pawn instead of a character.
So, i change the collision of the motioncontroller mesh to ‘pawn’ type, so it match the EobjectTypeQuery used by the MutiSphereTraceForObject Function.

Can someone help me please?
It would be easy to solve if i could debug the UE4 blueprints when playing on the oculus go device, but i dont know how to make GDB working/

(sorry if i’m not writing perfectly, but i’m not english native)