Oculus bought by Facebook

What happens when Facebook buys Oculus rift?

At least everyone will get to play candy crush saga in full panoramic and track their pigs and cows with peripheral vision.

Can’t actually say anything serious about the acquisition though, just that I’m sure Oculus aren’t stupid enough to sign a deal that would let facebook execs pull all the strings, but $2bn is a hefty price-tag after all.
If that funding will help drive the speed of their technology, then there’s nothing I see wrong with getting acquired, unless facebook essentially drive the company into the ground.

Zuckerberg is probably the type of nerd to fork out $2bn just to be able to play with the latest prototypes of the rift, so if he’s interested in their product (which his letter seemed like it) then that’s always a good thing.

Not a good sign, in my opinion… maybe oculus wasn´t that good after all.

Im pretty sure thats a hoax. Oculus is not that stupid

Read the thing, It was announced officially.

AW ****. just lost all my faith in them, facebook will destroy oculus.

Is this really such a bad thing? They’re just going to keep working as they have been, under the funding of a giant like Facebook, and most likely even expand to areas outside of gaming. Remember what Facebook did with Instagram? I know this is hardware, not software, but Instagram just got bigger and better after FB bought it.

No clue what will happen, Have to wait and see. Might grow bigger and get more support or they might abuse it and lose everything. It’s all up to them.

I’ll take a long-term perspective on this. VR and AR are hardware technologies that will eventually reach billions of users. For Oculus to lead the way, they would necessarily either need to grow into a big company or become part of one. Now it will be the later.

Android was also incubated by a small company prior to becoming ubiquitous following a Google acquisition: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?.

Palmer Lucky and John Carmack are visionaries, and Brendan Iribe has a great business sense. They certainly put a lot of brainpower into making a decision they felt was best for the future of VR.

And we, your fans, enthusiasts, and customers, thank you for that every day.

Most of the controversy we think has to do with who is buying them.
As many of us can not see any viable positive points towards facebook acquiring them, other than it being a source of money for development.

Personally, my main concern is that to recoup their 2 billion, it would require an additional 200$ to be applied per unit if they end up shipping 10 million units.
Considering one of the main goals i’m lead to believe Oculus was aiming for was affordability, it is reasonable to assume the worst until evidence suggests otherwise.

There could be other methods of recouping that money, such as stock and whatnot. And it may be a long term play.

But right now, it is hard finding reasons not to be unhappy, given insufficient knowledge of what will be effected,
in a project and product we all had extremely high hopes for.

No gamer will want to register on facebook to use OR.

Google makes software and Android was a natural fit. I don’t understand why you feel like you need to defend them when the people who donated to their existence are shocked by this.

Be careful, don’t let Mark hear you or he may come to buy Epic just to force you to build a FarmVille VR game for his kids.

One thing about facebook is they are extremely paranoid. They see a cool app or product and instead of thinking “oh if we had that we could do so many things”, they think “what if Oculus Rift becomes so popular that it could replace our platform…” The reason they are paranoid is because they know what many advertisers are finding out that their current platform does not offer a good ROI for advertisers. So while i dont doubt that there are people within facebook that want to see Oculus succeed i guarantee you if it doesnt take off facebook wont really care because they will see it as stopping a threat before it actually happened. Which can end up being the sad part of any big company buying a company with so much potential before it meets that potential.

I am not really upset over the acquisition, but I just don’t agree with a Facebook acquisition honestly. They are a social media centered business that thrives on marketing and ad revenue. Sure I can understand software acquisitions as they go hand and hand with social media I.E. Instagram is a given. But I would of been much happier if a company such as Sony, Google, Microsoft (I would not really be that happy with this one since they like to make things proprietary to their hardware) or hell even Apple. Someone who has experience in hardware technology with a pedigree of success.

Facebook just seems out of their league when it comes to this. Its almost like going to a Heavy Metal concert that is being headlined by Katy Perry. Its a genre mismatch. But who knows as of right now, only time will tell if this works out or not.

I completely understand the reservations about Facebook now owning the Oculus, but I don’t understand why there’s such a huge backlash on the original developers. Would you honestly say no to $2bill? I wouldn’t.

It’s also, in a way, a fantastic opportunity for the original team to expand their horizons with more funding - IF Facebook don’t tie down a leash on their plans and focus them on social media enhancement.

It’s old technology that’s finally being revived - like the touchscreen - but I don’t see what the fuss is about. Although - Oculus has already taken a HUGE blow after Notch (minecraft dev) pulled out of plans to support it. Who knows where its future lies now…

This is why people are up in arms. “IF”


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Well, Palmer Luckey (who’s insanely god **** lucky), appears to think the main focus will continue to be on the gaming industry. http://goo.gl/qjjB94

Part of me thinks facebooks addition will just end up like the ‘Share’ option on the ps4. We’ll be able to directly upload/stream videos of the games we play - comment on them - rate them - yadda yadda through facebook or an alternative. (which I’m not a fan of anyway)…

Well i don’t think this is a bad thing at all

I have a feeling that Facebook will enter into the Gaming software and Mobile software and hardware markets within the next 5-7 years

I’m cautiously optimistic. If Oculus is to take off, it needs a bigger market than just gaming, and consumer electronic uses like a TV like Facebook has in mind could benefit the device. The most important part about Oculus isn’t that it can play games, but that it exists in the first place in such a good form. The biggest barrier to VR right now is that the device can flop, and expanding what it can do and bringing in new markets to get the Oculus into more homes can only be a good thing for VR as a whole. I don’t see Facebook being in on the tech development side of things, but maybe the software side, creating more things aside from games that it can be used for. Even though I personally don’t really like Facebook as a website or company, Oculus now has enough funding to create a really great product, and the better the Oculus consumer kit is (and the cheaper it is), the bigger of an impact VR will have.