Oculus blueprint nodes not compiling

We made the FirstPerson sample C++ project. The Oculus nodes we put in the FirstPersonCharacter fail to compile when we run the editor. If I then select the failed nodes and Refresh Node then compile it compiles fine.

Here are some screen shots…

I am having the same/similar problem. In my blueprint, I have nodes for “GetUserProfile” and “Break HmdUserProfile”. Each time I start up the Editor, I get “Failed to load” messages just like those above and the nodes have the red “ERROR!” bar. I can recreate them, recompile, save, and run the game without any errors, but subsequent restarting of the Editor always reproduces the issue.

Is there something simple I’m overlooking? Do I need to create/expose the “/Script/OculuRift” package somehow? Build.cs file?

I forgot to note that I’m using version 4.8.1.