Oculus Avatar + Hands Integration

Hi Unreal Community.
I would like to know if you’ll integrate the Oculus Avatar and its hands system. I very blocking by the fact that create new hands will be useless if we don’t have access to Oculus Avatar.
My another question is do Oculus or you will release Oculus First Contact Demo for learning ? I think that can be very important for create a standard of player and its Hands system to all Developper.

Cordially. PAB


This is what I’ll be doing in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ve already finished Touch/Hands/Poses integrations, now I’m attacking Avatars.
For a start, you’ll need to use (for now) the Oculus Unreal Version instead of the launch one, at , because the 4.14 launcher version uses the Oculus SDK 1.9.0 rather than 1.10 (which contains Avatar).
I don’t think it will be a long stretch. We can collaborate if yo

@Proteus Thanks you for the reply. What do you want to do of your current integration ? Sell it on MarketStore ? I hope UE4 will integrate it soon ! Don’t hesitate to contact me for help ! Your link doesn’t work.

@VIIPab For the link to work you need to login first to Github (or signup it’s free). Then the link will work. If you don’t know how to install I can help you its simple.

My integration is in

  1. Create an animated hand mesh, animate hand poses (the usuals like pointing, thumb up, etc) and map it to Touch – done.
  2. Integrate VR replication to latest Epic VR template – done
  3. Integrate Steam as well as Oculus subsystems, as well as LAN – that’s what I’m doing right now
  4. Tap into SteamVR workshop and Oculus Avatar for character meshes
  5. Test VoIP
  6. Add some features to the Epic template

That’s it. If I’m not done before christmas I should have finished beginning of Jan.

I’ll release it for free on this forum, like the SteamVR template I did back in April

@Proteus Awesome ! Thanks you man. I don’t understand why ue4 don’t creat a Standard for this integration. Maybe in 4.15

@VIIPab Firstly, I think it’s surely not on Epic priority list, it’s even not on their roadmap.
Secondly, to access all Oculus features you need to use the Oculus version of UE4, and I don’t think Epic would tweak some core features of UE4 just for the small subset of devs wanting to access them.
Remember, it took 2½ years to have a VR template since DK1 days…

@Proteus I understand this integration is secondary, but I think that the question about the integration of hand system need to be standardized between platform. For an
general homogenization. I think reflexion about VR developpement is important. Thanks you very much for share your knowledges and help developers ! Great Job, I waiting about this last project.

Have a nice day.


In fact it all depends on the development choices. As an example, Oculus Avatar is used right now in ToyBox, Kingspray, VR Sports and Rooms (soon). In most VR games and experiences, they customize it to something else (i.e. Dead and Buried).

Good discussion on reddit about this:

@Proteus Yes I think that own customized hands can be needed for some project. But the system move fingers is the same, and it is this system I find important to integrate.

Hi everyone, I come back here for give you some news of the Integration of the Oculus Hands and Avatar. I open a post on the Oculus Forum and i had an answer by an Oculus worker who say :" I’ve got word that that the hand samples should be done this week, but we currently do not have a firm ETA at this time. "

Here is the link of the post :


A small query. Might be off topic.
How do you suggest one should implement reload with motion controllers. like shake/swing to reload.

@VIIPab I’ll release the template before the end of the week, and I’ll see what Oculus will come with

@Proteus thanks you for your work ! I waiting for it since you say it to me :slight_smile: !
I don’t know when Oculus will release it but I think you have time front of you.
@Shivam.Dhoot Yes is it ;). I advice you two basics solution, an real way to reload or this arcade way. For gesture look on google “UE4 Motion VR Gesture”, you willl find info and there is a pack on UE4 MarketPlace with this feature, look for it.

@VIIPab Have a look at

I finally published the v1.0 of the new template. Single-player only since I need few more days to fix multiplayers. Next week for this version.

I’ll then wait for Oculus to provide some code to access Avatars and Rooms, since they are about to do it and I don’t want to waste time doing the same thing.

Let me know!

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks a lot for this, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Just a couple of questions if you have the time to answer them…?

  1. Will I be okay taking these models and reskinning them to make them look more realistic rather than as Avatar hands…? The game I’m working on isn’t going to be commercial, I’m either going to be having it available for everyone for free or if Oculus are up for it I’m hoping to have it for sale for £1 with all proceeds going to charity.

  2. How would I go about extracting the hand gestures and models and putting them into a game using the First Person Template…? Do I just copy and paste the Blueprints and models etc or is there some other way that this is done with the Unreal Engine…? I’m not planning on having a teleportation mechanic anywhere near my game, it’s going to be a twin stick job, similar to Dreadhalls but set on a ship in deep space. Or would it be easier to use your template and add twin stick controls to replace the teleport mechanic…?

@thesnowdog You can download the hands (fbx) on the OneDrive. For the textures I could help a bit. I’m not bad with texturing and have access to a 3D scanner. Maybe I could help you texture more realistically the hands. My process would be to re-UV the hands in Maya, scan real hands, clean them in Photoshop, apply the texture in Substance Painter and I think things would be good. Especially if it’s for charity, I’m in. Unless we can work together?

I think the best thing for the FP template would be to just replace the robotics hands/gun with my hands. The pivot is approx in the middle (had to adjust it for VR) but you can place them accordingly. If you want some animation you can link some hand poses to buttons. Let me know!

That would be great, thanks a lot for that! :smiley:

I think I’d be better off working on this on my own rather than working together with someone else because I have problems with severe depression so can go weeks and weeks where I’m not well enough to be working on it. But texturing the hands for me would be much appreciated!

If you fancy having a look at how things are going at any time then I’ve started a Dev Blog on the VR Spies forum here:

And the models I’ve done so far are here:

Nakamura’s Pride is going to be a survival horror game set on the titular ship in deep space. I’ve got the plot and missions sorted in my head, the name of the ship, the name of the protagonist (Commander Allan), the name of Allan’s ship (The Raven) and the name of The Raven’s on board computer (Edgar). I’m going to have a few more Poe references in the game because once I realised that The Raven looked like a raven I thought I might as well go the whole hog lol

I’m going to be going for a Dreadhalls meets Alien Isolation kind of thing. :smiley:

I just hope I’m going to be able to get it finished, I’ve always had a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them and my depression isn’t helping matters but hopefully I’ll get there. I haven’t done any game development since the 80s with my 48K Speccy and haven’t done any programming since the 90s when I went to university but Blueprints look pretty straightforward and the Unreal documentation is pretty good so I should be okay I reckon.

Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated! :smiley: