[ OCULUS]Avatar hand

Hello UE community

I would like to know if someone can help me on that.
On the last Oculus AMA I asked Chris Pruet about accessing the bones of the Oculus Avatar but I wasn’t able to implement a solution with his answer.
I received recently a new guidance to do that but my knowledge to access PRIVATE STRUCTURE is not strong enough.
Can someone with better c++ knowledge can help me with this:
******* ANSWER FROM DEV *****

They will have to update OvrAvatar.cpp with a bit of code. They need to find the PoseableMeshComponent with “hand_left” and “hand_right” in the their names (substring).

These are in the structure, which is currently private.

TMap<ovrAvatarAssetID, TWeakObjectPtr<UPoseableMeshComponent>> MeshComponents;

Once they have the PoseableMeshComponent for the hand, it has an interface :

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category=“Components|PoseableMesh”)

FTransform GetBoneTransformByName(FName BoneName, EBoneSpaces::Type BoneSpace);

They should be able to use the same bone names from the Unity sample to find the bones they want.

I think that achieves what they are looking for, they just need to write an accessor to find the hand meshs.

*********** END ****