Oculus AUDIO SDK setup with UE4?

So. 3D Positional audio.

Is this integrated into UE4.11? Or do I have to get the “Wwise” integration off github? What steps do I have to take to get positional audio functionning correctly?

For what platform?

Based on the release notes, PC, XB1 and PS4 already have support for 3D spatialized sounds in UE4. Gear VR / Android don’t have it. So OVR Audio SDK is in UE4 already, but only for PC/XB1/PS4.

No kidding. So no use for Wwise?

Edit: Developing on PC.

PC has fully fledged 3D spatialized sound implemented in 4.11 with OVR Audio SDK. You don’t even need any 3rd party stuff.

Gear VR devs sure out of luck :confused:

I’m glad about the PC situation. Unfortunate for Gear VR devs tho :frowning: hope that gets rectified.

Indeed. Can’t really make any experience for Gear VR without spatialized audio. Might as well release a game without sound at all.

Btw, I don’t think Wwise / FMOD provide spatialization out of the box. It seems that you’d have to buy another 3rd party plugin to be used on top of Wwise / FMOD.