Oculus App Lab / not input-focus aware

I am using engine 4.25.4 and am trying to submit my build to the Oculus Developer portal.

When I try to upload a build, it tells me "The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required=“true”…and points me to here:

There, it says to ’ Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > Oculus VR > Mobile , and check Focus Aware’…but in my Project Settings and plugins, Oculus VR doesn’t show up, even though I have the Oculus VR plugin enabled.

So, how can I set the project to input-focus aware with 4.25.4 ?

found this:

For versions older than Oculus OVRPlugin v13: Navigate to Edit > Project Settings > Platforms > Android > Advanced APK Packaging, and add the following to the “Extra Settings for section” textbox: “”